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It`s the mystery! is actually a multiplayer mystery video game where you in addition to 6-12 other gamers come together to resolve who among an individual is a betrayer to the folks!TIPS ON HOW TO PLAYUsually are you a crewmate or a betrayer? Crewmates will job together to complete tasks across the map to win, nevertheless make sure to stay alert! Betrayers one of the crew can sneak around to cause disruptions and eliminate your guy crewmates.Between betrayal . io , your teammates may discuss who could be the betrayer. Did you observe anything suspicious? Performed you see someone sneaking around your eradicated crewmate? After discussing together, will certainly get to election on who you believe is betraying the team. Warning: if you guess wrong and have your vote out an faithful crewmate, the betrayers will be actually closer to earning!CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHARACTERShow off your design! You can personalize your own unique look with a new large collection of features, garments, accessories, hats, and pets!REGULARLY UPDATINGBetrayal will be always evolving to get new and fun content! Keep the eye out for brand spanking new maps, modes, plus cosmetics coming inside of the near future!