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The decision to rent email lists can be one of your most successful business decisions you could ever make. However, it can also be one of your most expensive. Without first having an understanding of how these leads were generated, nurtured and then ultimately submitted to email marketing software for marketing, it is hard to know if your investment is going to yield any tangible ROI. Yet when you are looking at offering a service where you are renting email lists rather than purchasing them, the process becomes far more transparent. There are no secrets or hidden agendas that can't be found out by looking closely at the actual process.Leads generation through direct marketing is an important part of any business' success plan. In a world where people's attention spans are shorter than ever before, you need to be getting your message across and making sure that your customers are constantly reminded of who you are and what you have to offer. Renting email lists can be a cost-effective way to do this. In fact, if you choose the right lists you can even make money by selling the email addresses that come to you. That's right, some Internet companies are buying massive lists full of people's contact information. They compile the lists themselves and then sell them as direct marketing emails.Now you might be wondering how anyone makes money from sending out email marketing emails. The truth is, there are many companies that do just that. But in order to get the best results, you need to rent email lists. Frescodata is great because it allows you to easily send emails to millions of people for a very low cost.Purchased email lists can't usually give you the same effectiveness. Buying Frescodata that have already been prepared and distributed will only lead to dead addresses and nobody answering them. You need to rent email services in order to send emails to targeted prospects.Keep in mind that you don't want to end up with hundreds or thousands of people who either won't open your emails or that will simply delete them as soon as they hit their spam filters. The best thing you can do when renting email marketing lists is to purchase lists that come from reliable sources. Make sure that the lists you buy are made up of people who have shown interest in your niche and have indicated that they would be interested in receiving more information about your products or services.Bounce rates are one important factor to consider when you rent email lists. A bounce rate is an indication of how likely the email recipient is to open and read your emails. If your bounce rate is high, that means that your emails aren't as effective as they could be. High bounce rates usually mean that recipients aren't particularly interested in your product, so they just deleted them or didn't open them at all. It doesn't matter how great your product is if it isn't truly something that your target audience will be interested in.A great way to increase the amount of visitors to your site and thus increase your overall conversions are to implement a giveaway or two. Everyone loves a chance to win something for free, and this is one of the best options for renting email lists. With just a few dollars, you can rent email addresses from marketing emails providers and instantly start sending out your newsletters, products and other useful information to all of those who have opted in. You don't even have to spend money on these valuable addresses. There are many affordable giveaway products available that will fit into any budget.Renting email lists is a great way to not only increase the number of visitors to your site but also the number of people who are genuinely interested in your offers. Buying email marketing lists is probably the worst idea because you're giving your subscribers information that they probably wouldn't want to buy. If your goal is to convert visitors into customers, then you absolutely must focus on giving them information that they'll find useful. The best option for this is to rent out your valuable marketing email addresses.