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Home cinema, also known as digital cinema or movie houses, are modern home entertainment audio- visual systems which seek to duplicate a real movie theater experience and luxurious mood with consumer electronics-quality audio and video equipment which are placed in a room or garden of a house. It is usually built on a soundproofed and temperature-controlled studio which employs special lighting, acoustics, and digital sound mixing for an authentic cinema-like atmosphere. A home cinema system can be a combination of various components such as television, DVD player, audio system, VCR, video game consoles, cable TV, surround sound system, DVD/VCD players, and home theater software. Although, most home cinema system consist of same components, each component has its own unique function and quality.The home cinema system consists of Video System which consists of plasma, LCD or CRT TV, and the sound system consists of speakers, subwoofers, passive radio, and video projector. The Video projector is the brain of the home theatre system, where it projects the video and audio signals from the video projector to the LCD or CRT screen. In the LCD or CRT screen, the electron beams are transformed into light which are then transmitted through lenses to the Video projector. For the blu-ray disc component, the disc is made of neon-xenon gas which is then subjected to a blacklight for the phosphor glow effect.Audio-video components of home cinema systems are separated to give better performance and clarity. In addition, surround sound and Dolby Atmos support is offered by each of the video game console brands. For example, Xbox 360 offers home cinema system with Dolby Atmos sounds feature and Blu-ray disc video output. On the other hand, PlayStation 3 games also support Dolby Atmos sound feature. The advantage of having a home cinema system with these features is that you can enjoy the movie theater experience while listening to excellent quality audio tracks.However, with this amazing audio tracks, picture quality is affected as well. To get the best audio tracks, home cinema systems require loudspeakers that can reproduce good stereo sound and reproduce clear and accurate motion picture. Audio Scaleurs for home cinema systems are commonly known as Wide Dispersion Enhanced Loudspeakers or sometimes called as WED TVs. The other common type of loudspeakers used for home cinema systems are smaller versions of the popular home theater loudspeakers.One additional component of the home cinema system is the Bluetooth Speakers. These speakers allow you to play audio files such as music or videos through your TV. You can plug in your phone, mp3 player or your personal computer to play the audio files. The main disadvantage of using Bluetooth speakers is that they are quite costly compared to the conventional speakers. If you are looking for best audio quality, then the Bluetooth speakers are definitely better option.Another important part of a cinema system is the Video Projector. A video projector helps you to add special effects like smoke, fog, flames and also shows different moving images on the screen. You can use the video projector to show your favorite movies or TV programs on a large screen television. If you are looking for better video presentation, then the best thing to buy is the LCD Video projector that can display clearer picture quality and produces lower video resolution.LCD Projectors can produce high quality image and sound for your home cinema system. These projectors are available in various sizes, from small projectors for tapers to big projectors for medium-sized rooms. The latest digital LCD projectors can now project digital video signals so that they can be connected to any video system. The LCD projectors are now also available with wide screen capability for large picture viewing comfort.Audio systems in home cinemas are also an important component of the cinema experience. It is best to go for high quality audio system with full-fledged sound system and speakers. Some popular brands that manufacture home theater speakers and sound systems are Bose, Logitech, Crown, Sony, Altec Lansing and many others.