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กระจกสองนครา is an American movie theater chain. Part of Cineworld, Regal owns and operates the second largest theater circuit in the United States with more than seven,200 screens in 549 theaters. Regal has grow to be an American institution in the film-going encounter. Study on to understand a lot more about the chain and its motion pictures. Also known as the Empire State Creating, Regal Cinemas are found during California and Nevada. Their title is synonymous with high quality cinema. In spite of their size, many men and women do not realize that the film theaters are located in a prestigious constructing.A lot of Regal cinemas are in central locations. Their areas make them effortless to discover. Numerous of them are located near churches, generating them normal gathering spots for the local community. Even if the cinema is not the center of the community, the men and women who go there are familiar with the name. By making use of an application, these people can keep informed about the most current videos, get details about showtimes and find seats that match their price range. It really is also 100% secure, so there's no need to be concerned about on-line fraud or losing your funds.The closure of the Court Street Regal Cinema has left downtown Brooklyn without having a clear strategy for its potential. Although the Brooklyn Paper's Ben Verde known as it "devastated," several residents have expressed gratitude for the iconic cinema. The closure has led to a flood of nostalgia and a variety of Facebook posts from men and women who attended the theater. It truly is unclear when the downtown Brooklyn branch of Regal will reopen, but it's most likely that a new theater will open in its area.The company's company has been hit by the coronavirus pandemic, which has delayed main movies. These movies have been expected to be the big draw at box office. With out new releases, Regal is struggling to hold tempo with the country's greatest theater chain, AMC Theaters. If the circumstance isn't going to increase, AMC theaters might run out of cash by year's end. If they never make some adjustments, the firm might soon have to shut down its theaters.Cinebarre, a joint venture in between Cineworld and Terrell Braly, was acquired by Regal in December 2015. This new brand has eight places in the circuit of the Regal Entertainment Group. Cinebarre places offer a full bar and restaurant menu. Regal is also a companion of RealD 3D, a stereoscopic projection technological innovation owned by the RealD business. IMAX is an additional partner of Regal, with 94 locations in the United States and Canada.