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Epicnovel Dragon King's Nice Son-In-Law - Chapter 489 repulsive simple to you-p1Novel-Dragon King's Son-In-Law-Dragon King's Son-In-LawChapter 489 delirious motionlessThree kinds of dharma value taken toward Hao Ren .Hao Ren could probably decide what Kongtong Sect was thinking… Today, Hao Ren and Xie Yujia have been very busy being prepared for their assessments and moved sightseeing and tours on Coral Island after . They hadn't gone to Ethereal Summit for many people days or weeks, which convinced Kongtong Sect which the Nascent ancestor wasn't during the Herbal King valley .The left over electricity inside the several sword energies. .h.i.t the four seniors on their body systems and underwent their stomachs .Kongtong Sect were built with a gorgeous recent considering that it used to have lots of Nascent Heart and soul Kingdom cultivators . However, that they had dropped now . They didn't have even one Nascent Spirit Kingdom cultivator . The most robust cultivator they had was maximum Key Formation Realm, which presented them no self confidence to battle back again .The other Primary Creation World senior citizens stared at every other in dismay . Then, they viewed the fool around Kongtong Sect and begun to make their very own options .The four senior citizens have been in a position to use their hurting tactics on top of that ."Natural herb King Valley, Ethereal Summit . " here and hereafter tyler henry The three smaller sects distributed around Herb Master Valley, and they supported each other despite the fact that existence was hard for the children .Rapidly, a sect that engaged several thousand acres of land shown up before Hao Ren and Wu Yan .The reason why Xie Yujia embraced most of the elixir products she made using wonderful hard work along with them was to enable them to out .She believed together with the help and support from that Nascent Soul Kingdom cultivator, this young man would scold Kongtong Sect . On the other hand . . .Then, the sword vitality extensive numerous m and hit the midst of a mountain peak . Every one of the walkways and section palaces were definitely crushed into pieces .What Hao Ren possessed figured out from cultivation was that tolerance would only make the foes far more arrogant .Following several highly detailed looks, the four dharma treasures were actually wrecked .But… Wu Yan felt that this fresh cultivator was unique . She was pleased to have confidence in him and gamble Qin Yin Sect's upcoming on him . If something poor taken place to Qin Yin Sect, she would get rid of herself to apologize .Hao Ren wasn't a Nascent Heart and soul World cultivator, and he wasn't unaware .Wu Yan considered these seniors as she tightened her tooth enamel and elevated her smooth fretting hand . "Him, him, him, which gentleman . "Bang!Hao Ren looked at the four senior citizens Wu Yan aimed at, and that he slightly shut down his eyes and unveiled his longsword .These Core Creation World elders yelled loudly though Hao Ren had severely outdone them .They might deal with until their demise if Hao Ren ended up planning to destroy them ."Kongtong Sect is right there," Wu Yan explained as she pointed ahead .She regarded Hao Ren from the base of her coronary heart considering the fact that he was so determined and definitive, but she didn't fall in love with him .The sect become an expert in of Qin Yin, Liu Yan, wasn't with the entrance nowadays, so Wu Yan have from the traveling by air sword . It searched like she wished to say something to Hao Ren, but she hesitated and didn't achieve it .Hao Ren was still making use of the Light-weight Splitting Sword Shadow Browse, however it was in an alternative shape .Nonetheless, Hao Ren's lengthy sword released a number of dashes of multi-colored mild .Hao Ren wasn't a Nascent Heart and soul Realm cultivator, and this man wasn't ignorant . Sea-Power and Other Studies Hao Ren was seriously raging this period . Elsie Marley, Honey Hao Ren's longsword couldn't have these solid mother nature fact and chipped immediately as well .Hype!